lunes, 24 de agosto de 2015


Wouldn't you love to tell friends and family some day in the future that you helped make Diego's Dragon a roaring success?

Just click here.

"Diego's Dragon, Book Four: Mazes, Monsters, and Mythical Heroes is the fourth of five books planned for the adventures of Diego Ramirez and his surly dragon, Magnifico. Readers of the first three books are raving about the series and many have called it the next huge fantasy story for young readers. One characteristic that makes Diego's Dragon stand out is that the main character is a Mexican-American boy. In fact, most of the supporting cast is Latino. This is a breakthrough in middle grade - young adult fantasy novels. The unique aspect of the attraction is that young readers of all backgrounds love the story, and they really love Magnifico, Diego's dragon. Readers are anxiously awaiting the fourth book in this series."

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